small pink flowers

this is from a scan of these gorgeous little pink/purple flowers that were growing in my front yard.

and this mandala is beautiful!


the golden gate…

the golden gate bridge, on the way home from San Francisco… not terribly clear- shot through the windshield.


white flowers (or mushrooms?)

these are flowers. the white version of the pink ones mentioned earlier.

but doesn’t it look like mushrooms on the inside?

surprises everywhere :)

vegan soup

i’ve gone vegan (and gluten-free, for the record), and while i was in sacramento, we went to Magpie’s.

they only had two vegan/veggie options- but the soup was the BEST i’ve ever had. spicy and beefy-tasting (not real beefy). the salad was also good, but not photo-worthy good.

pink flowers

sometimes even i am amazed how these images turn out.

this is the best one of the ones created today. it doesn’t even look like anything that i started with.


just wow.

pink azalea

this one is almost as awesome as the camellia… very mandala-esque.


in one word- delicious.

the best indian buffet in sacramento. best indian buffet, anywhere, really.

and a new technique. combo-ing 7 hexagons. nice.