orlando octagon, octagon

this is a very interesting image. I created a decagon from the original image, a long exposure shot in orlando. but it was one of the first i ever did, and it didn’t work out (it didn’t meet at that final stage).

I tried my best to regrab the orginal wedge from the original photo, but i just couldn’t get it right.


so i took a wedge from the almost completed octagon. and then i made that into an octagon. really busy, and super neat.


trio of roses

this is a scan of three roses… yellow, red and white (hiding, ghost-like in the background).

and this is a tetradecagon. 14 sides. whew.

raspberries, in mandala form

from some older scans of raspberries. i think this is one where i just smooshed it into the scanner bed.

and i made it into a dodecagon (12 sided polygon).

i think it’s super hot and juicy. and almost a little sexy. yea.

i’m published!

on more than just wordpress and facebook.

check it out for an interview with me (and my creativity…) and a cool photo, made just for Peggie.



coming soon- Artomatic 2012!

purple flower

this little purple flower (not the same as small pink flowers) also grew in my yard.

and i actually had some intention when making this mandala… i was trying to make it look like a flower. what do you think?

small pink flowers, take two

from an original scan- those cute purple/pink flowers from my yard. (see small pink flowers).

amazing how using a different piece from a scan can make a completely different image.

red tulip petals

also from a scanned image- one red tulip petal.

you can even see the water droplets… scanning is amazing.

small pink flowers

this is from a scan of these gorgeous little pink/purple flowers that were growing in my front yard.

and this mandala is beautiful!

the golden gate…

the golden gate bridge, on the way home from San Francisco… not terribly clear- shot through the windshield.


white flowers (or mushrooms?)

these are flowers. the white version of the pink ones mentioned earlier.

but doesn’t it look like mushrooms on the inside?

surprises everywhere :)